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Journal Cat
Blaise and Ruby lunch! (at Standing Stones Brewpub)
Frozen dinner party with Ruby.

Tavian’s 6th Bday. Fun with trampolines. (at Rogue Air Trampoline Park)

Cream of Leftover Soup. Cabbage, broccoli, potatoes, carrots, turnips, basil and parsley pistou, onions, bit of spaghetti, milk. Sunstone demi-baguette.  #lovemycsa
This is my cat on summer heat. You can extrapolate how miserable I feel. (made with #picplaypost app) #catstagram #summer #heatwave
Fireworks. Ashland 2014 (at Lincoln Elementary School)
Pre-fireworks (at Lincoln Elementary School)
Dinner from weeks 2&3 of my #CSAshare. Salmon from the Co-op baked on a bed of #turnips (leaves + stems too), #greengarlic and #freshbasil. Steamed #peapods mixed with the roasted veggies from the salmon. #Yum. #lovemyCSA (at Ashland Food Co-op)